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3 Reasons why affirmations don't work for you and how to fix them

Updated: May 1, 2021


I know many of you might have already heard about what an affirmation is, and must be about to cough now. Yes we have known it and everyone talks about it and it never works, right?? Wrong

Affirmations do work if you're consistent about it and if you know the psychology behind affirming what you're affirming. What i mean to say is, if you're earning 5000 per month and start affirming that you're earning 1 million per month, its never, ever, ever going to work. Why? Because inside you, you already know or believe that its not possible. Whats worse? This kind of affirmations give a negative impact on actually what we're good at already.

So how do they work?? Here's a list of ways affirmations work. Lets see why affirmations don't work for many people


First and foremost, any kind of affirmation you choose for yourself, should start with at least a little bit of Faith. You must believe at least for 1% that what you're affirming to yourself is possible and feasible. If you're affirming something which you don't believe at all, then don't expect it to work for you. If you're driving a simple mediocre car, and then you start affirming that you're driving a Mercedes, it won't work at all. In fact, as I stated, It'll sabotage you instead .

So first thing to do is start affirming something which you have a little faith on. For example. If am earning 5000 per month, give a spin and say that I deserve to earn 10000 per month. What'll happen is, you'll believe its definitely possible and hence, in very short time, this thing will come true for you. Ultimately, leading you to set further affirmation which takes you from 10k to 20k and so on. Now you're getting it.

Don't worry, if you're persistent in what you're doing, you'll reach earning your million by the end of the year. But you have to

Frequency and detachment

Many people who try affirmations, try it for a couple of minutes and then mostly forget about it. Its sad to have a tool which can transform the life and then keep it in garage to get rusted. Affirmation is not something which you try today and see the results tomorrow. Affirmations needs to be nourished and nurtured so that it becomes a part of who you are. Therefore the frequency of affirmations should be good enough. Any affirmation you choose, should be repeated at least 500 times a day. Don't be wondering about this number. This number merely states that you affirm something for at least 15 minutes a day. Not a big deal really, but we don't do it and then blame that affirmations don't work.

Next thing is practicing detachment. And its very difficult, but just get detached from outcome as much as possible. Don't be just always anticipating the amount of money or the perfect soul mate. If you continuously keep looking for it 24x7, you'll become anxious. Anxiety don't bring joy, peace brings joy. And Joy brings all that you're asking from your life.

How to practice detachment? There is no other way than to try meditation. At least 3-5 minutes a day sitting without any thoughts. If you think you can't do these simple, free of cost, free of any equipment practices, better leave the thought of improving your life. If you really want to improve your life, then you have to do some inner work and there is no escape from that. This inner work is actually so simple that you can't believe it to be true, most of time.

What Inner Work?

Inner work, or meditation for that matter does not mean just doing some weird practices and some strange breathing. In fact its totally opposite. Try to follow below steps and tell me if you can do it. They're simplest, but yet hardest to follow. Try it on Daily basis and see the results within next week itself

  1. Find the most comfortable place in your home, may be chair or may be on floor.

  2. Make sure that you have a nice Back rest and cushion to sit on.

  3. Get your phone on airplane mode, no distractions at all

  4. Make sure you won't be disturbed at home or better do this only when you're sure you're alone

  5. Set a timer of 10 minute on your phone

  6. Just sit, eyes closed

  7. Do not try to NOT think anything. Do not Try to picture anything, just don't try anything at all.

You'll be clouded with random thoughts of many times and many nature and you'll be bombarded with them. Just let it come and go. Don't do anything.

After your timer hits, then lie down with eyes closed for 5 minutes and go for your daily routine.

At first you're not going to see any difference. But slowly, you'll immerse into the consciousness that this experience gives you.

When you do it for 1 month straight, just increase the time from 10 min to 15 mins.

Better if you do it twice daily and see the results. Don't take my word for it, just give it a try and let me know how it felt for you.

Till then, see you :)

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