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ESP32 and Internet of Things For Absolute Beginner


In This Course, We’ll Study About Basics • What is IoT and why learning it is important • What is ESP32 and which board to use? • How to implement IoT, what are the required softwares and hardware for IoT • Introduction to C programming for ESP32 • Understand the pinout • Interfacing of various sensors and output devices with ESP32 • C programming to control home appliances and read sensors IO Interfaces : • LEDs, Switches Interfacing • Transistor and Relay Interfacing • AC Switching Circuits • Capacitive touch input and digital input • DHT22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Interfacing Internet of Things :- • What is IoT? • Different Hardware's used for IoT • Communication Protocols used for IoT • Use cases Thingspeak :- • Creating account on thingspeak • Use HTTP requests to send data • Send data from ESP32 to thingspeak • Visualizations in ESP32 • Analytics and Alerts in thingspeak Adafruit IO :- • Deeper understanding of what is MQTT protocol • What are mqtt topics • Adafruit IO feeds, dashboards • Using adafruit IO for creating IoT project using MQTT protocol • Complete Home automation project using Raspberry pi and Adafruit IO Alexa Integration :- • Understanding IFTTT • Integrating IFTTT with adafruit IO • Connecting Alexa to IFTTT • Lamp Control using Custom Alexa Voice Command

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