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Embedded Systems in 8051 Micro Controller using C

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We’re going to study about embedded systems with 8051 micro controller in this course. 8051 is by far one of the oldest micro controllers which is still used today. With over 70+ different manufacturers, 8051 is available in a variety of flavours. What makes it special is the simplicity it offers to the programmers and developers. Being one of the first micro controllers, the architecture of 8051 is quite simple with very few basic features. And those very basic features make 8051 the winner in terms of simplicity in usage. In this course, we’ll study 8051 with embedded C programming. We’re going to study about the 8051 microcontrollers with Keil 8051 IDE. Keil microvision is a very old and very popular IDE used for microcontroller programming. This is a hands-on driven course where we’ll be writing a lot of codes and trying out its outputs. We’re going to study 8051 microcontroller and its interfacing with number of peripheral devices like • LEDS • Switches • Relay • LCD • ADC • Temperature Sensor • Stepper Motor • DC Motor • PC Interfacing • Device Control And while doing so, we’ll be doing number of different experiments to evaluate the skills we have been learning. The course outcome is to enable everyone to be able to use 8051 microcontroller and start creating projects on it. Even if you do not know any C programming before, do not worry, there’s a brief introduction on C programming also.

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