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Beginners Masterclass into Raspberry Pi and IoT


This course is specially created for beginners in electronics hardware and cloud technologies!!! In This Course, you'll learn and experiment on: Basics • What is IoT and why learning it is important • How to implement IoT, what are the required softwares and hardware for IoT • What is Raspberry pi and how to setup raspberry pi for first time use • Introduction to Python programming with raspberry pi • Interfacing of various sensors and output devices with raspberry pi • Python programming to control home appliances and read sensors Microsoft Azure IoT and Cloud Platforms • Communication protocols in IoT • What are different Cloud platforms used for IoT, what is PaaS and SaaS products • Creating account on Microsoft Azure and learning • What is IoT Hub creation and its various pricing • Pushing data to IoT hub from raspberry pi • Data Storage using Blobs Data Visualization and Logic • What is PowerBI? • Creating account on PowerBI • Using PowerBI with Raspberry pi and Azure IoT Hub for creating reports • Create real time web app for data visualization • Create Custom Logic app to trigger and email from Azure Thingspeak • Creating account on thingspeak • send data from raspberry pi to thingspeak • Use HTTP to send data Adafruit IO • Deeper understanding of what is MQTT protocol • Using adafruit IO for creating IoT project using MQTT protocol • Complete Home automation project using Raspberry pi and Adafruit IO What this course will do for you? • Give you a clear understanding

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