How to Teach on Udemy and Earn 100% Passive Income?

Finally… An EASY online Training Webinar That Will Teach You…

Select a niche to create valuable course.

Screen Recording, microphone selection, noise removal

Creating Appealing Presentations literally in minutes

Upload all course videos on Udemy.

Write a converting landing page copy for Udemy.

How to record professional videos with easy and simple tools

How to teach using screen recording &  camera recording

Creating Udemy Approval Video

Creating a compelling intro video

Understanding Pricing of your course

" I am not much of a tech person and I was being overwhelmed by technical  stuffs, Amit has a knack of breaking down complex technical concepts into simple layman terms"


Vicky Meshram

Spoken English Instructor

Hassle-free Method to Earn Passive Income for Busy People

No need to learn any digital marketing skills

Work only 20 minutes per day, not a minute more

No active work/ads/funnel creation required

You want to create online courses, but worried about


Am not a teacher, can I teach?


What to do? Camera recording? Screen Recording?

smartphone (1).png

Am not a techie, how can I do all this?


I don't know how to create a course


Lots of technical issues, mic, camera, editing, computer, list goes on


Don't know anything about udemy pricing, revenue share and all

Reasons why you should take this course?

Everyone needs Passive Income

Its not just a dream but a need of every single individual to have a source of passive income, you're going to learn how to do that in this course

No office, No rent, no additional expense

Work being from home, spend just 20 minutes each day to create your online course in a month

You can start with No Money

Perhaps the only kind of business which requires an ultra-low investment

Put your experience into action

Everyone is good at something, just start teaching what you're good at, no need to learn anything new

You can earn this kind of passive income from Udemy


Revenue Report

With Udemy, you don't have to work actively on marketing and selling your courses. Udemy does this for you and you earn your income even while you're asleep, literally!!!

Global Reach

Apart from the continuous stream of passive income, the next good thing you achieve with Udemy is reach global audience of learners. Udemy  is everywhere and I myself have students from across 150 Countries, feels great as a teacher to reach such a large audience, isn't it?

Studentss countries.PNG

Udemy Also shows you where you're popular

You can see here the reach and footprint of our Online courses, and very soon you'll reach these many places as well

Hosted By Udemy Expert,

Amit Rana

Amit Rana is an Industrial Consultant for Internet of Things, Embedded Systems Product Development Specialist, Online and Corporate Trainer.

Very recently, he's also in love with making websites and assisting peer digital business creators using his own experience by providing encouragement, knowledge and personalized assistance to anyone who is willing to build Digital business. Amit's main work is which is a website / e-learning site to learn about electronics, embedded systems and Internet of Things.

Amit holds Masters Degree in Electronics Engineering. He has 10+ years of Experience in Embedded System Designing and programming using various micro controllers, And have deployed more than 250 different embedded and IoT projects around variety of Industries

He has Worked on multiple Embedded technologies and devices for development of customized embedded solutions for industries and various product development requirements. Ranging from simple counter to IoT system for CNC machines and end to end product development for smart cars, Amit has made his passion for electronics and programming a hobby and a full time profession

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Go From udemy Instructor  Zero to Hero in Less Than 1 Hour