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Bluetooth Relay Control using 8051

This Project  is Suitable for Everyone Including student and Professional


Bluetooth-based relay control using an 8051-based microcontroller involves using Bluetooth communication to remotely control the switching of a relay. Here's a general overview of the system:


  1. Hardware components:

  • 8051-based microcontroller board

  • HC-05 Bluetooth module

  • Relay board

  • Power supply

  • AC Bulb 230v

  • Bulb Holder

  • Android based Mobile phone


  1. Connections:

  • The HC-05 module is connected to the microcontroller's serial port pins.

  • The relay board is connected to the microcontroller's output pins.

  • Power supply connections are made to power the microcontroller and the relay board.

  1. Software:

The software for this system involves two main parts:

  • Code for the microcontroller to receive commands from the Bluetooth module and switch the relay on or off accordingly.

  • An Android application to send Bluetooth commands to the HC-05 module.

  1. Operation:

  • The Android application sends Bluetooth commands to the HC-05 module.

  • The HC-05 module receives the commands and sends them to the microcontroller.

  • The microcontroller interprets the commands and switches the relay on or off based on the command received.

Overall, this system provides a wireless means of controlling a relay, which can be useful for a variety of applications, such as home automation or industrial control systems.

Project Working Video on Youtube

8051  Controller Coding

Programming and using a microcontroller is not like using Arduino’s where you just write C code and download it into IC. This is a barebone coding experience where we’re going to learn the insights of 8051 microcontrollers and understand at the core how to write the program for each of its features. This single quality separates the hobbyists and professionals apart. We’ll be using each feature of 8051 by completely studying the internal registers.

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