How to Achieve Greater Success in Life By Believing in an Alternate Reality

As stated hundreds of times before in countless books and seminars by many people, visualizing or imagining what you want is crucial for manifesting things in our reality. If you want to achieve greater success , you have to do the hard work. But I myself had hard time visualizing things which I do not already have. So what is the solution here? The solution is to simply think about an alternate reality where things happen very easily and quickly for you and try to stay in that alternate reality for as much time as you want. So here are the steps that can be followed easily and practiced daily. I'll say DO NOT BELIEVE ME on this, just try this and see how your entire world changes drastically.

First of all, really understand that whatever your current reality is, your debts, financial troubles, relationship problems, health issues and every single problem you have, is there because you've "already" created it. I repeat, it has already been manifested or Created in your reality and now there is no need to think about it. Its a done job, it does not matter how you created it or when you created it. Its already there and that's the end of the story.

If you do think about it again, then you'll find more such circumstances in your life. Because giving it a thought energy will create it more. So what can you do? Here's a challenging thing for you to try, and this requires dedication and efforts. What is needed to be done is actually very simple, yet very powerful thing. You need to give 10 minutes of your time to this activity, once in morning and once in the evening. Only 10 minutes and nothing else is needed. But you need to do this daily without fail. The only key is consistency here.

Am giving you exact steps to follow each day by filling in the blanks mentioned in the list below. As you write them down in a diary, you'll get indulged in the positive visualization automatically without much mental exercise

Scribble using Diary or Computer

First of All, take a Laptop or Diary, the exercise is only about expanding your imagination and so it'll require you to scribble something. I myself am comfortable with laptop, if you're with notebook, even better. Now just relax yourself, have a nice table and chair to do this exercise, and silently, write down a completely alternate reality about yourself.

Remember am not asking you to write down goals for this year, and money that you want to have or the relationship to improve. Our mind won't accept that, we won't feel that and we'll immediately stop doing it. This single thing has stopped many people for decades from achieving their dreams. Our mind loves story, so you'll need to either draw it or write it down, in a story format. You can also consider that you're writing a story of a perfect version of you. So, start writing or drawing a simple story of a completely alternate reality about yourself. These questions will help formulate the story for you.

  • What you do every day?

  • How much money you make?

  • What work you do?

  • What kind of people you live with?

  • What kind of house you're living into?

  • What kind of vacation you're having?

  • What are things you're buying?

  • Where your kids are going to study?

  • What are you doing with your money?

  • What you and your spouse/ partner do each day?

  • What kind of vehicles you drive?

  • Anything that you're looking for, it can be a very simple story or better a very crude or rough picture sketching.

Once its done, dwell on it. And am telling you, seriously dwell on it. Immerse in all these things. Its a very fun thing to do. You don't need to apply mental labor to fantasize about all the things because when you're writing, you're automatically visualizing in this alternate reality.

The more time you spend in this reality the better, it may start with 2-3 minutes at first but the key here is consistence, if you seriously want to change your life, you need to take these consistent efforts.

Now when you go to your chores, just try to relax as much as possible having understood that you can't change anything to change current reality because its already done. What you can and should do instead, is to create a new reality and relax having a strong belief in yourself. Just relax and let this new reality take over you.

Now I'm giving you a sample Story here, where you just need to Fill in the Blanks for you.

My infinite life

Write down about your infinite life choosing what you want in the below mentioned areas of your life. These areas are

  1. Money

  2. Work

  3. Home

  4. Savings and investments

  5. Leisure

  6. Car / Toys you want to own

  7. Community


how to achieve success

In this nice and beautiful alternate reality, there lives a man / woman whose name is ______ (lets call it Ram)

Ram is really never worried about any money because money is always showered onto him. He has multiple sources of money and each source gives him more money than he ever can spend. Ram does _______ job and __________ business and he's very successful at it. Whenever Ram starts a new venture, it brings more prosperity to his life.


Each day, Ram goes to work in the workplace full of joy and happiness in mind. Ram is very passionate about his work. He meets new people everyday and really enjoy helping them out in all possible capacity.

Ram delivers everything he can each day and is paid abundantly for services and products that she/he creates


how to get dream home

Ram lives in a big 4000 square foot plot bungalow.. This bungalow is a 2 story home with car parking facility for 4 cars. 10 bedrooms, a big hall and kitchen which he decorated with his wife. They both enjoy decorating the house and bringing nice touches here and there with wall paints and furniture all around their home.

They have also built a nice play area where they play with kids and a very nice backyard where there's a barbecue section where they spend their evenings with their loved ones. Their house is filled with frequent parties involving their family and friends who share good time with them

Saving and Investment


Ram regularly saves a big chunk of money for the future of their children, and with each passing day, week and month, with the interest over it, his wealth is swelling and they both are completely done thinking about the education and weddings of their kids as its all taken care of.


Dream vacation

Every year, Ram with his family spend 2-3 weeks of free time moving around the world. They travel across the world in many beautiful places including Australia, Bahamas, USA and European countries.

Cars / Toys

Dream car

Both Ram and his wife loves owning beautiful big toys. She loves cars and Ram loves bikes. They both have their choice of vehicles sitting in their garage which they ride on with each other.


giving back

Ram helps the community by continuously generous sum of his time and money to lots of startups as well as donating to the needy persons specially the orphan children. Ram want every child in the world to be full stomach and educated and he's ready to do whatever he can to fulfill this cause. He's also working on to make every single living being stay rich and stay positive. He is happily blessed doing all these stuffs

Well, this was the story I wrote for Ram. The less you try the better it is. You don't need to try it, just let it come in the flow as it may.

Just tell me one thing, did you saw the big picture of house with a backyard where you and your friends are having a nice sunday lunch?

Did you saw yourself with your wife taking a walk on the beautiful beach?

If you did, then you're already visualizing.

Who said visualization is difficult huh 😂😂

I hope you had a good time with this story and all the visualization that comes with it.

Now make your story like this and then start reading it every day.

Make changes as you may feel good.

And let some time go, and see the difference in your life.

All the best!!!

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