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How to deal with worry : Worries are the Only things Keeping you away from your Dreams

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Worries are costing you a lot


A very horrifying word it is. Right

Whenever we tend to worry, we contract our body. We get too much nervous, feel that the blood pressure is rising. And we can literally feel that our life energy is being sucked or being destroyed by some evil force. Yet these words are very tiny to describe the adverse effects of worry. Worrying is the number 1 reason for the entire poverty. Read it again, worry is the SOLE REASON BEHIND POVERTY. And people who don't know about it, spend generations after generations in poverty, lack and limitations immersed in worry.

Lets look how it happens scientifically.

Everyone, even the one who don't believe in metaphysics will accept that our achievements depend on our mental and physical health equally. Now lets see what worry is in its true essence.

We all know that the mankind has evolved from the woods. For a long time, humans were living in the woods and feeding themselves. This long evolution, has created this internal defense mechanism of worrying.

Worrying is a gift to mankind in a way for survival

Whenever the human was in danger, surrounded by enemies, he started worrying, which releases stress hormones. Hormones like adrenaline and cortisol into the bloodstream are released when you worry and get tensed. This simply makes our body ready for "fight" with the unwanted situation ahead. The blood and energy of our body is highly directed towards the muscles to tighten them to either "run away" from danger or to give it a tough "fight" for the survival. Heart rate increases, breathing becomes heavier automatically so that you should not relax in this state of danger. All this is done by creating stress. Its like making your 800cc car engine run at a speed of 200km/h in the state of danger and requirements.

Now this scene clearly depicts that the worrying is mechanism of survival. But our today's problems cannot be dealt by fighting. Our issues are with Relationships, Money, Work and many other such things which don't require any kind of physical fight or run. Unlike jungle men, our worry cases does not finish by giving a fight or getting caught by enemy. Worst of all, they are prolonged due to no action taken. Many people have been constantly worrying for decades and mostly businessman always do worry about increasing the business and getting the money to pay next month's rent.

Guess what Happens? Body, is highly deprived of the required life energy which is directed towards worrying. Nothing desired comes out of this but only problems. Easy way to deal with modern problems of worrying is very simple

Ignore Every Problem You Have in Life, Deal with it only when needed and not for the rest of life

Meaning, that just turn Off your eyes to those problems which are not needed to be handled RIGHT NOW. If you think carefully, at the instance of reading this post, you don't have a problem. Its true, at this very instance, you don't have a problem, problem comes into mind when you think of a situation which you have to deal somewhere in future. But right now, Right at this moment, there is no problem.

Beautiful truth is, we live life in just this one moment all the time; and always worry about past or future.

Now you'll say "Amit, you're being absurd, How Can I ignore that I have to pay my child's school fees tomorrow?"

Agreed and accepted. What am saying won't generate a pile of money out of no-where for you to pay the fees tomorrow. But just look at facts

  • Lets say, You don't have money to pay the school fees, what are options? Meet the school and ask for getting another date

Now tell me, if you know that you don't have money, and you know that above is the only option you have, then what is going to change by incessantly worrying about it for whole day today? Better just know this solution in mind and ignore it for rest part of the day, isn't it? Am not being hypothetical and saying you don't think of your problems at all. But think of them only if there's any solution, isn't it?

And just think of it for few minutes at max, get to a conclusion and if there's no conclusion, just forget it. I know its very hard to say, but believe me, I have been through every possible worst situation one can think of, and everything is ignore-able.

Here are my results after I stopped worrying about 2 weeks ago completely using meditation and practice

  1. For past 4 months, I was struggling to create a training batch in my training center and doing everything possible, but was not happening. Suddenly I got 17 students that resulted me in around 120 thousand rupees in a week

  2. I got a bonus from Life insurance policy worth rupee 50 thousand

  3. I got complete clarity of my works ahead

  4. I feel much happier now

This experiment proved me that the achievements of life depends only on one thing, and that is your healthy mind.

Stop Worrying. And the only way to do is, just completely ignore worrying, wonders will still happen.

Practical Things to do

In case you find yourself worrying or getting caught in the trap, try below things

  1. Take 2-Full Glasses of water, and drink slowly sitting on a chair

  2. Take a stroll, either in home, or in office or where ever you are, just move your body.

  3. If you can't, then just stand-up and sit down on chair, multiple times. Point is move your body in any direction as much as you can.

  4. Simply use 2-fingers of your right hand and tap on your forehead and then tap on your chin 10/20 times each

  5. Check your worry level, much has been removed already. Repeat if required

Keep your worries in check and life will keep you in check to give whatever you want!!!

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