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How to use bluetooth with 8051

This Project is Suitable for Everyone Including student and Professional

Bluetooth-based relay control using an 8051-based microcontroller involves using Bluetooth communication to remotely control the switching of a relay. Here's a general overview of the system:

  1. Hardware components:

  • 8051-based microcontroller board

  • HC-05 Bluetooth module

  • Relay board

  • Power supply

  • AC Bulb 230v

  • Bulb Holder

  • Android based Mobile phone

  1. Connections:

  • The HC-05 module is connected to the microcontroller's serial port pins.

  • The relay board is connected to the microcontroller's output pins.

  • Power supply connections are made to power the microcontroller and the relay board.

  1. Software:

The software for this system involves two main parts:

  • Code for the microcontroller to receive commands from the Bluetooth module and switch the relay on or off accordingly.

  • An Android application to send Bluetooth commands to the HC-05 module.

  1. Operation:

  • The Android application sends Bluetooth commands to the HC-05 module.

  • The HC-05 module receives the commands and sends them to the microcontroller.

  • The microcontroller interprets the commands and switches the relay on or off based on the command received.

Overall, this system provides a wireless means of controlling a relay, which can be useful for a variety of applications, such as home automation or industrial control systems.

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