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What is Micro Bit and Explain with Example.

Updated: Apr 24

The Micro Bit is also mention as BBC Micro Bit, stylizes as micro:bit. It is an open source hardware and software ARM-based embedded system which is designed by the BCC for computer educational use.

The BBC micro:bit ( first production run , v1 physical board measure 43mm * 52mm ) is a pocket- sized computer has am ARM Cortex-MO processor, accelerometer and magnetometer sensor, USB connectivity, Bluetooth, two programming buttons, a display consisting of 25 LEDS, and it is also powered by either USB or an external battery pack.

The new micro:bit (v2 board, which is released on 13 October 2020) sound and speaker as well as an extra touch input button and power button is added.

The micro:bit has 256 kB flash memory and 16 kB random access memory (RAM)

What can I do with a micro:bit?

1) Game

2) fitness tracker

3) Digital Watch

4) Music

There are official code editor:

1) Microsoft make code

2) Micro Python

3) scratch

Here we are using Microsoft make code


1) Steps for creating Displaying Your Name on micro:bit LED


2) Steps for creating Flashing Heart on micro:bit's LED


3) Step for Displaying Sad Face and Happy Face while Clicking Programming Button on micro:bit



4) Steps for creating Dice Game in micro:bit


5) Steps for creating Rock Paper Scissor Game in micro:bit


6) Steps for creating Scanner in micro:bit


7) Steps for creating Step Counter in micro:bit


8) Steps for Creating Stopwatch on micro:bit


9) Steps for Creating Compass on micro:bit

//video image

10) Temperature


11) plot accelerometer works


12) Steps for creating Snake Game on micro:bit's


13) blow away



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