Few of Mention-worthy Commercial Projects I've been part of as a designer / developer

IoT: Material Tracking System

Tracking of journey of materials inside a factory.
Tools used : Raspberry Pi / QR Code Scanning / MQTT and Local IoT Server / Database / Python / Coding

IoT: Manufacturing Intelligence System

Entirely separate MI system.
Tools used: Raspberry Pi / esp8266 / CNC data / MQTT and Local IoT Server / Database / Python / Coding

IoT: Centralized Energy Monitoring System

Interconnecting all energy meters inside a plant and getting central overview of monthly power consumption / pf details
Tools used: Raspberry Pi / MODBUS / MQTT / Database / Python

Machine Vision: Material Counting and defect detection

Counting of parts and defect detection in final section
Tools used: Raspberry Pi / camera / python / Tensorflow / MQTT

Machine Vision: Part Counting

Part Counting and email system
Tools used: Raspberry Pi / CNC data / MQTT / Python / OpenCV

IoT: Connected Cars

Product Dev work, pulling data out of ECU of Car over CAN and posting on cloud
Tools used: Cortex M4 Controller/ I2C / SPI / CAN / UART / PCB Design / C Coding

IoT: Home and Industrial Automation

Product Dev work, app based monitoring and control of facility for automation, theft detection and energy monitoring
Tools used: esp32 / I2C / SPI / UART / PCB Design / C Coding / app design / MQTT

Robotics: Automated Guidance Vehicle for Restaurants

Product Dev work, non-feedback type AGV using advanced sensors for internal movement
Tools used: I5 Computer/ ROS / IMU Sensors / Motor Drivers

Embedded: DAQ

DaQ Systems
Tools used: RPi / Micro Controller/ I2C / SPI / UART / PCB Design / C Coding / coding

Embedded: Wireless Crane Controller

Wireless Crane Controller for EOT cranes
Tools used: Wireless Modules / PCB Design / Antenna Design / Encoder design

Embedded: Test Jigs

Variety of test jig for automotive electronics manufacturer
Tools Used : microcontroller / c coding / sensors

Capacitor Testing

Perhaps the fastest and most efficient in the world capacitor polarity testing jig (patent awaited)