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Simplicity of Strawberry Jam

Ever wonder the simplest dish you can ever make is a jam? Indeed a fruit jam sounds like a complex piece of sweet side dish we all tend to like. But this particular strawberry jam that I tried at home is so simple, that you’ll feel making it simpler than making a cup of tea

No am not exaggerating. I just tried making this few weeks ago when there were plenty of fresh strawberries available. This is because where I live, we don’t get fresh supply of strawberries all the time. So once, I had about 1 KG strawberries which my mom had bought and it caught my eyes to do something with it.

So i tried this super simple recipe that I think I inventedbut I think many people must have been doing it that way. Before actually going to the recipe of strawberry jam, lets see how it looks

The strawberry jam recipe is like this

1. Cut the strawberries into pieces, the size of your liking

2. You can also make a thick juice of it using blender

3. Put them all in a non-stick PAN

4. Add sugar to your liking ( I added one small bowl to 1 kg of strawberry)

5. Cook lightly till it starts thickening

6. Its done!!!

yes, it indeed is that simple. It tastes absolutely delicious and this jam can be used for up to 1 month if you keep in fridge.

My kids just loved this one and now am making it regularly

Take Sugar As per your liking

Sugar Added

Stir a little while cooking

Fill the Jam in a container for storing

Its ready:)

Try this mouth watering jam and savor the fresh taste of strawberry with a slice of bread :)

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