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Top 10 things for business owners to do everyday

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

If you’re an entrepreneur or running any kind of business, then read the story below and see if it sounds like you??

Today, I am completely broken…

I’ve shifted to a new office and spent all the savings for it and now am completely broke

Last month, I was hardly able to pay my credit cards and that was about it. I couldn’t do more

The entire  month was very difficult for me, very few people visiting my office and there was not a single conversion of any lead that I got.

Maybe you’ll be able to relate with this feeling. Almost everyone who has ever been “self-employed” must have gone through such situation at least once. And its my keen observation, that those who are self-employed and running their own business to earn money are the one’s who look after the secrets of life. 


Because, we (I’m one of them) just cannot ignore the facts that there are people, who are doing similar business as we’re doing and they’re doing great. There is no change in the quality of services and there is no change in product we offer. But someone else is thriving in every single business; and if we’re not, then we’re not doing something right. Every single business owner no matter what she or he is selling knows this for sure. And I’m also on a similar track of finding the truth. 

So after the above (one more) broken month, I really think I found the root cause of everything.

Yes, I’ve found a root cause and also a concrete solution to all of this never ending game. 

The problem is and always was MIND

My Mind is the problem

My mind plays a lot with me, and am sure yours plays with you as well.

I get motivated after reading a blog or a book, I get motivated, inspired, and that little inspiration and motivation, drives me throughout the month, that little motivation is earning me all the money I’ve earned till date. That little motivation lasts not more than 5 day per month and yet its giving me all my bread and butter for life. Am really thankful to the God, you’re so generous, you’re so great that my 25 day’s of negativity is also not making me go hungry and get on roads, thank you God I love you.


the thing is, I (and you) need to stay motivated ALL THE TIME

Yes, not now, not for sometime to come, not for some small period of time, but ALL THE TIME

if that 1 % of motivation can bring me bread and butter, then what about 10% ? What about being motivated 50% of the time, what about staying motivated and at peace 100% of time??? I Can’t imagine the results

But how to do this? That's what am trying to answer here with some simple tips, I hope you'll find them easy to follow

10 things every business owner should do everyday Do everything mentioned below as if your and your family’s life depends on it (because it really does),

  1. Every morning, without fail, just sit in idle meditation for 10 minutes, do nothing else

  2. After meditation, read a book for 10-20 minutes. Really, at this time, don’t read the fantasy novel and read something inspiring.

  3. Once done reading, do some exercise to warm up your body. Let me tell you, we’re not talking weight loss here, just want to warm up your body enough, so jumping jacks for 1 full minutes are also good. If you do more, then better for you.

  4. Before going to get ready and regular stuffs, just read your to-do list once more and finalize the things which you wan to do today. It’ll just sharpen your focus

  5. Throughout the day, Practice silence, as much as possible If you’re a big talker, try to cut down a little

  6. After lunch time, take a 10 minute break and sit silently, doing nothing. Thoughts will come and go from your mind, don’t resist, don't even try to stop any thoughts, just let them flow as and needed but just keep attention to it. No phone. Just sit idle somewhere or in your desk

  7. Socialize, the more you socialize the more channels you’ll find to spread and increase your business, This should be a task to meet new people every week, at least 1 new person each week

  8. Give right promises and follow commitments at work; positively say NO to the tasks which can't be done on time, saying NO rightly gives a great amount of confidence within.

  9. Stay HAPPY, all the TIME, all the TIME, all the TIME , all the TIME. Simplest way to do is to think of loved ones, your kids, wife, just think about them. If you're happy, you'll be able to focus, if you're not, then you won't

  10. Don’t live as if you have thousand years to live, do today, all that can be done and completed today, but once, just forget it all and enjoy rest of the time with your loved ones. This tasks should strictly be done in specified time, if you're stretching too much, you're overdoing, and it will never be fruitful. (Take it from my example, there was a time I used to work 14 hours a day, and I was hardly making ends meet)

  11. Before sleep, again spend 10 minutes in total silence, doing absolutely nothing. Nothing means nothing, just sit with eyes OPEN

If you follow above exercises with never ending persistence, you’ll start seeing the results in your business life in hardly 1 week. 


You know what, we business owners have already got everything to be successful. The point that we’re not doing a job and starting a business is enough to tell that we do have courage. What we lack the most is the persistence in work. Anyone who is working at a job don’t have this problem. Why? Because those who work, have their bosses and their peers to pressurize them to work. And willingly or un-willingly, they put whatever they can do in the work. Moreover they’re not worried about where their next penny is going to come from. So they work worry-free.

We don’t have anyone busting our asses to work and stay productive and we don’t have a steady monthly income which are the main causes of ups and downs in business.

Follow the given exercises and let me know your results. All the best

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