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How to solve money problems instantly

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Back about 3 years ago, I've had hit a hard bottom and it taught me some very important lessons about money problems in my life.

Its the worst feeling when you're doing all that you can do to run a business and failing again and again. The feeling of deep depression, feeling that you're getting behind all your peers, its bad. I'm not sure you've experienced that point or not, and I wish you never go to that stage. And the worst thing we experience in these situations is off course money problems. And the only thing we think of is, how to solve money problems in my life? Well there can't be a single shot answer to solve money problems in one day, but you can definitely do things to allow money to come to your life. This is a very simple yet powerful exercise that will clean your mind revolving around money problems and get you on a way to solve it. And its a spiritual practice to follow, so if you don't believe in these things, it'll be waste of time for you. But if you're desperate to make things even slightly better, then please try this out.

So weather you're there or not, practice doing below things everyday to quickly come out of money problems and to never fall in the trap. These things will make sure you always stay wealthy. If you're in debt, these things will help you come out with positive energy attached to it. If you're doing good, you'll be doing great. This can be the Surest way to stay wealthy!!!. Do it every single day positively as if its part of your life and you'll see the results in really no time.

  1. Maintain Cleanliness in your office, and your desk. Clean any kind of clutter that you may see in your office. Clutter means negativity, wash it away. Cleaning the desk helps clean the mental blockages and allow fresh thoughts and new energy come to life which in tern brings more money

  2. Next thing to do is, Pay all your bills with whatever money you've. Maybe you've little money to pay rent and employees but enough to pay for your telephone and internet bill, then do it. Do it positively every single time. Paying for whatever is pending is again kind of cleaning activity to bring more wealth in life.

  3. Thank God and be grateful for every single penny you've been given throughout your life and thank him for your current situation, because every single situation is teaching you valuable life lessons. Be grateful, always. Better in writing.

  4. If you're in sheer pressure of money, repeat this line like 1000 times a day, "Thank you for all the money given to me throughout my life and thank you for all the money coming to me everyday and in future". Real feeling of gratitude will start flowing after like 300 repetitions.

  5. Pay close attention and record every single expense you make with money, take full control of all the accounts you have and write down every single rupee even the bill you paid for having a cup of tea. This is just a reflection of your respect for money. Again powerful cleaning exercise to clean out mental blocks

  6. Once you do all above, get silent. Let it take 10 minutes timer on your clock, feel total silence and experience just being there, for 10 mins at least. During this time, don't try to restrict your thoughts. It never works. Just sit idle, let whatever thoughts come, silently tell you mind "All is Well" and be there.

  7. Now get on your work, you have done everything that you can do to change situation and the situation is compelled to change. Now do all that you can do for that day and tell me what happened on the very next day in your life

Now these steps may sound very simple to you, but believe me, I've been there. I have been to worst situations and doing above exercise always helps me come out of financial pressure and get the flow of money back on track

I'll be waiting to hear from you :)

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