Joined a Full time job after 12 years of Business

After spending more than a decade in running a business, I finally joined a full time role as Sr Manager at JLL Technologies

I won't say it wasn't enjoyable to run business. Its the most thrilling experience you can have in one's life, nothing beats it. Absolutely nothing. No adventure sport can give you a rush like running your own business and working for your own. But it was a very tiring process as well. I'm 35 now and I don't think I can keep it going for another decade by risking the financial well being of my family.

My wife, Pooja, though being very supportive, is finally a human with human desires. And If I can't fulfill my duties as a Husband and Parent, then it won't be fair and I won't be able to look myself with pride.

Yes, this business decision was originated from the idea of being a good son. Living with parents, doing all the work and staying home. And now I have another role to play. A well earning husband and father to fulfill my responsibilities.

And this is honestly no sacrifice at all.

In fact its all fun

When I left Pune to start my business, it was still fun back then. Yes, I was doing something not of my mind but bound to something I found as my duty. But this binding gave my life a purpose. I felt nurtured, tormented, struggled and I learnt hell lot of life from this experience.

I'm looking forward to my JLL experience with the same attitude.

I know the future is bright and I'm gonna make it shine like a sun :)

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