How to use Meditation for money, what it is Really?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

What is Meditation? Can I use meditation for money really?

Meditation for money, is it possible?

We’ve all heard a lot of things about meditation. Its a kind of breathing exercise where you breath in and breath out in some set patterns. It starts from very ancient time as per Hindu and Chinese Religion. But do we really understand what meditation is all about? I mean come on, what can actually happen by breathing in and out, and How? don’t we breath in and breath out almost our entire LIVING life. So what makes sitting in silence and breathing in-out makes a difference and Why in the bluest hell the world is so crazy about meditation. Now a days anyone, without meditating a minute in his entire life, is also ready to give a speech on the benefits of meditation. Why?

As I said, I’m not a worshiping believer. I’m a scientist, I do question every single thing and try to get Answer and I really got my answer after reading and doing meditation for about 15 years of my life. And you know, the answer is really very simple and always in front of our eyes. Remember every single answer in life is always in front of our eyes, its just that we ignore simple solutions and find complex ones. Lets see what meditation actually is.

What is Life?

A little branch to our meditation discussion here. What is life? Answer is plain simple, that when a living body is alive, we call it experiencing life, Right? Yes it is right. But what is the proof of Life? What is the proof that one is living? When someone dies, what we test before declaring him a dead? We know it, we check its Heart Beat and we check the Breathing.

Here we are, if a person is breathing, he’s alive. If he stops breathing, he is dead. Means Life is Breathing.

What we do in meditation, is basically concentrate on breathing. By concentrating on breathing, we concentrate on Life. Our true Living being. We concentrate on BEING ALIVE. We consciously feel and believe that we are alive right at this moment. The rule of life is very simple. It always gives you what ever you want. Moreover, Life always gives you whats good for you, always. When you get silent, and you just focus on being you. When we get to that state when we do nothing but just feel the being of “alive”. Being “ourselves” and nothing else. In this state of awareness, we do nothing and just focus on our living. Here, doing nothing is very important and always better than doing “Negative Thinking”. When we are doing “nothing”,  we’re actually doing “not thinking negative”. And that’s when the magic happens.

Our life is nothing but a sum total of our thoughts. Believe me or not but thats true. And when we’re meditating, we’re focusing thoughts on being Alive. And we don’t need to do anything Else

Simplest Meditation for money

Now the next question is, can I use meditation for money? And the ansewr is yes. Meditation is useful not only for money but for everything you want in your life. Its the elixir of life. So don’t consider meditation for money only but consider meditation for a completely life. Remember the goal is just to get silent and connect with your true being. Now you believe it or not, just doing this is going to bring everything you want in your life. But you’ll have to be dedicated and do the exercise daily.

Here’s my simplest meditation for money technique, in which you don’t have to follow any pattern or breathing speeds or any weird actions to make. And yet, this is the most beautifully simple meditation technique. Try it on yourself to believe it.

  1. Sit in a quite space, where you have no disturbance for at least coming 10 minutes

  2. Challenge in Meditation is keeping our “Mind riots” in control. because while meditation, we always think of things in our past, and present. We need to avoid that and here’s the trick

  3. Just Count from 1-100 in this way

  4. For Count one, Breath in, and for Count two, breath out. Thats it, no special speed or pattern is needed, just breathe as you regularly do

  5. But do Count it, for odd number, you’re breathing in and for even number you’re breathing out.

  6. Remember to say this count long in mind. Say for Breath in, i consumer 2-3 seconds, so I’ll stretch my 13 number to t-h-i-r-t-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-n, till my breath in is done, Same goes when I’ve to breath out for 14.

  7. Finish it by 100.

  8. Now just get the Feeling of What you need. No visualization, No affirmation, just experience the Feeling of Being what you want to be, try to be here for a longer time.

Change Happened to me on Day 2, Magic!!!

Change actually happened to me on my day 2 of experiencing this 3 times a day. I wanted to make some money desperately for a big purchase I wanted to do. And I was doing to calculations on business to make this money. Next day, a man just came by to me,. He asked me to develop a product on which, I’ll earn exact same amount of money that I was expecting. Within a week, I delivered the project he wanted and earned the same amount of money.

Pure Magic Nothing else

I don’t know how this worked, but this is nothing else than Magic

Actually not magic, this is how life works. It gives you what you want and feel. Lets see how this manifestations go Up

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