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Why you dont have money for yourself even after doing all the hardwork : no 1 reason and treatment

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Why I dont have money month in and month out

Does that sound like you?

I would like to answer this to you based on my own experiences

You don't have enough money even after doing all the hard work? If so, then you’re probably at the best place to understand more about it. And although I’m writing down this post for myself, am very sure that you’ll also be able to relate to it. This post will help you get a better perspective about the situation; and not to mention, really help change the current situation

So why it happens? While there are several psychological reasons for it, just to name a few…

  • Maybe, You’ve grown up in such a home where there was never “Saved” money. And there was no concept of “saving” the money.

  • Maybe, After lot of heartbreaks and failures, you have taken all that personally and are believing that you’re not worthy of having everything that you want

  • You understand everything and you are also willing to change yourself, but still the old patterns repeat themselves.

Whatever the reason may be for you, there is a solution to that and the solution is not just some affirmation that you have to do. Although affirmations work great, but the physical and personal effort you take a lot of value to change situations. First it gives confidence that we’re not relying on just the universe to give something and do nothing on ourselves. Second, doing something actually moves your mind to do better things. Am here now going to list several things, which if followed, will never put you in the situation of not having money again.

Appreciation and Respect is Everything

First thing first. You must appreciate whatever that you have. You may have as little of just one buck in your account or in your wallet. But you have to appreciate that and just be grateful for having it. So appreciating what you have and respecting it, is the first step in gaining more money. And the exercise for doing this is as follows

  • Every single day, and I repeat, every single day, take a note of how much money you have in your account and in your wallet. Write it down on a piece of paper. Many people say, forget and don’t look at your account if they don’t please you. I’ve been there and done that for many years, believe me, its not helping

  • Why its not helping is for the simple fact, that as my ignoring my “Low” account balance, am also disrespecting whatever I have. It shouldn’t be like that.

  • Not looking at your financial situation, is simply refusing to respect and admit what you have. So start respecting the money by knowing the exact sum of money you have every day. No matter what it is, you must know how much money you have.

Saving whatever amount you can

I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but I have heard this saying a lot

Money attracts money

We’ve been looking at people from childhood and our parents saying that the money attracts money. Means the people who have money, tends to attract more money. How true is that?


Yes, its absolutely true that money attracts money and just face it, swallow it, gulp it.

Now the million dollar question

But I don’t have money, so how I’ll attract more of it?

Really? How true is above statement for you?

Don’t you have money for having food for yourself? Don’t you have money for having phone/internet to read this post? Don’t you have money for living in a house?

The million dollar question is wrong. Its not a question at all, its just a statement. An affirmative but negative statement.

I don’t have enough money to keep aside, so how I’ll attract more of it.

So if this is you, then start putting a tiny portion of your money aside and see the magic within coming few days and week. Say if you’ve 100 bucks, then save 10 out of it somewhere. Its most easier these days, open a digital bank account. Take out cash and save it in a piggy bank, I don’t care what you do with it. First thing to do is save a dime from a penny. Save a penny from a dollar.

Now I can’t stress enough on how important thing this is. Just believe me, am struggling with money for 10 years of my professional life. since when I started doing business am into this .

I’ve clearly understood, that those people who are in job, also face this issue, but they have at least something saved off due to compulsion in their career.

Like insurance, PF deduction or something. But a business person has to do it on his own, and its a must thing to do.

Reason being, whenever you save a single rupee / dollar that you have, you tell yourself, you start showing your respect to money. And it starts positive vibes in your life.

Even the slightest positive vibes does wonders in our live. So make a note today, to save a portion of your money. It may be 10 % of your income or just 5 % of your income. Once you start saving money, you’ll see how you’re blessed with more of it.

I now decide to have one of my bank account only for saving and not for spending. I’ll never spend a dime from the money that I’ve saved in that particular account. Its a simple answer to why you don’t have money. You don’t have money because you never respected it. And if you think logically, the same applies to every single area of your life as well. be it your body, or your relationships, or your parents, or your job.

Show your respect to money and it’ll bless you abundantly. I’m on my way to abundance and will shortly tell you my story of what happened next.

Thank you

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